Celebrating Beauty in Unity: Poh Kong’s Truly Malaysian Collection, Inspired by You

The concept of beauty differs from one person to another. Ask around and you will find beauty in the most unlikely places or surprising situations. At Poh Kong, beauty is defined at the very moment we see our fellow Malaysians putting aside their differences for the betterment of the country and to preserve the independence as well as freedom our forefathers fought 61 years ago. Not only that, beauty is also the respect Malaysians have for one another regardless of one’s race. In celebration of one of the most memorable Merdeka yet, Poh Kong has put together a selection of meticulously designed jewellery masterpieces from various collections to reflect true Malaysian beauty. 

ANGGUN – The Beauty of Classic Elegance

Bunga Raya Collection 

A creative fusion of 916 gold, the intricacy and complexity of these masterpieces truly exhibit the elegance and purity of Poh Kong’s Bunga Raya Collection. The five petals of our national flower delicately grace the locket and bracelet, with elaborate Hibiscus engravings at the center that add to its captivating appeal. What better way to accessorise and add a touch of class to your kebaya or baju kurung than with this breathtaking collection?

Manja Collection 

Happiness that’s adorably charming.
The Manja Collection was specially-designed to infuse delight and purity into your little ones. It will definitely be an invaluable symbol of your affection that will be enduringly appreciated. 

AUSPICIOUS – The Beauty of Gentle Grace

Golden Delights Series - Blooming Riches Collection 

This series reflects the elegance and beauty of the peony flower, drawing inspiration from its opulent and graceful demeanour that exhibits a woman’s feminine qualities and also improves interpersonal relationships. Pair these pieces with your favourite Oriental inspired outfit and watch heads turn as you stand out from the crowd.

Bountiful Gold & Jade Series - Abundance of Riches Collection 

This jewellery piece takes the shape of a gourd embodied with an ancient coin at its base, accented by Peony flowers. The layering of petals represents a progressive rise to the top, with riches that flows in. Hanging from the centre are 3 rows of abacus beads, symbolising overflowing riches. 

BOMBAY – The Beauty of Vibrant Traditions

One is sure to make a grand entrance when glittering with glamour in this impressive set of 916K gold earrings and stunning necklace. Each piece is meticulously embellished with coloured beads of vibrant hues that will inject joyous colours into your style. This set of masterpieces is a perfect match for saris or shalwar kameez. 

TRANZ – The Grand Beauty of Nature 

Tranz Duet 

The call of the wild resonates with this arresting pendant and ring etched with an abstract imagery to fire your imagination. 

Tranz Nature 

Be enchanted as nature’s best kept secrets and ingenious designs are unravelled through a secret garden of exquisite jewellery inspired by flora and fauna. Unravel a web of intrigue with this leaf-veined pendant, bracelet and ring of uncommon splendour to complement your unique style this Merdeka. 

Check out this wonderful range of jewellery, available exclusively at Poh Kong, Poh Kong Gallery and Diamond & Gold. For more info, log in to www.pohkong.com.my or www.facebook.com/pohkongjewellers


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